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From the book The Evening Song
In Memory of Father Alexander Men’1
Father Alexander, no-one here
knows about what is there.
One is hardly able to name
what the heart forgets
the name for:
what words
will be without sound and rhyme,
just an open palm…
The name of your joy
will emerge like the sun in an overcast sky:

this is called love
which rejects no-one.
A doctor, standing bedside,
has already lit the flame
of tender health in his patients.

A downpour will not extinguish it,
wind will not blow it out,
and a man will be unable to stamp it out.
And this world and our age will look
not quite as bad as they seem to be.
Slava I. Yastremski and Michel Naydan

1 Father Alexander Men': In atheistic Soviet Russia, Father Alexander V. Men' (1935-1990) was seen as the “apostle to the intelligentsia,” serving for twenty years as a priest in New Village near Moscow and teaching Christian love and humanism in opposition to the brutality of the Soviet system. He was killed September 9, 1990, as he was heading to church.
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 In Memory of Father Alexander Men’
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