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From the book Kliazma and Yauza
From the book The Wild Rose
From the book Tristan and Isolde
From the book Old Songs
From the book Gates. Windows. Arches
From the book Stanzas in the Manner of Alexander Pope
From the book Stellae and Inscriptions
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The Chinese Travelogue
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From the book The Evening Song  
From the book Elegies
From the book The Beginning of a Book
From the book The Evening Song
To V.V. Bibikhin
He who loves the word, knows it,
he who loves sound, hears it:
as a ray of light winds and clamors in diamond,
a sudden flourish of the Irides.

And in the bright cloud of resounding,
he will find himself fully recompensed
by that vain dream of earthly kings and kingdoms –
beloved silence.
Larissa Volokhonsky and Emily Grosholz
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 To V.V. Bibikhin
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